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If you were a Ft. Benning trained NCO "Shake n' Bake" from 1967 to 1972, Bookmark this site for information about your Class and Classmates. There is also information about other NCOC Schools held at Ft. Bliss, Ft. Knox, Ft. Sill, and Ft. Leonard Wood.

Noncommissioned Officer Candidates

Fort Benning

Updated: September 5, 2016

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    1969 Lottery Draft ( Would you still have been Drafted? )

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    Use the first Letter of their last Name.

    Washing the Vietnam Memorial

    The VVA 641 Chapter in Silver Springs MD washes the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C the 1st Saturday of each month during the months from April to November. All the washing is done by hand and brushes. The washing is open to the public.

    For more info, click: Rodney Eng Class 29-68 B

    Bob Anderson (15-68) has made up DECALs with the NCOC Logo that you can place on your automobile window. They adhere to the outside of the window.

    Click on each Photo to get a larger view.

    Click Here to Order: DECAL Order Form

    The Ft. Benning Command Historian, David S. Stieghan would like to hear stories about the early days of the NCOC Program.

    He wants to hear about the good, and the bad experiences that graduates had during the course at Ft. Benning and after graduation when they went onto their OJT and service with their Units in Vietnam and elsewhere.

    You can call or E-mail David at: Phone (706) 545-4290/4290 DSN 835-4290/6278 FAX (706) 545-7500 or DSN 835-7500 To send E-mail to him, just click on his name.

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    Gold Star Mothers

    Found Dog Tags

    Ground Zero, New York City Photo

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    Noncommissioned Officer Candidate Locator

    ( Lovingly known as, " Shake n' Bake " )

    The mission of the N.C.O.C. Locator is to find and catalogue the current addresses of all former N.C.O.C. graduates and help them find their service buddies. If you are a former graduate and interested in finding friends from NCO School, or just want to register so others can find you, please write or E-mail us at the address listed below. [ We are a brother helping brother type group so the info is free for the asking ]

    In case you aren't sure of your Class number, we have the rosters from all the classes so we only need your full name and we can tell you what Class you were with.

    If you served with, or knew someone who was an NCOC graduate and you would like to contact them, we will act as a go between. Not everyone made friends in the service and we want to protect the privacy of our members. Many of the names listed here have an e-mail TAG so you can contact them directly from this site. If we have their address we will let them know you wish to make contact with them. If we don't have their current address, we will make a note in their Class file, informing them of your search.

    Men listed by their Military Unit.

    11th ACR Americal 25th Inf. Div. 101st Abn. Bde.
    173d Abn. 1st Inf. Div. 1st CAV Div. 4th Inf. Div.
    5th Inf. Div. 9th Inf. Div. RANGER 82nd Abn. Bde.
    199th LIB KOREA GERMANY Stateside

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    Other Interesting Information


    Information for men who Graduated from NCOC Schools at other Forts. These contacts might be able to help you find a buddy or info about your Class.

    Graduates who attended NCO School at Ft. Sill, OK (1968-1972) are encouraged to contact Larry Daniel

    Graduates who attended NCO School at Ft. Bliss, TX (1968-1972) are encouraged to contact John Mowatt.

    Graduates who attended NCO School at Ft. Knox, KY (1968-1972) are encouraged to contact Max Torno. This is for the MOS's of 11D (Recon) and 11E (Tankers)

    Visit Max's Tanker Web site

    E-6's Vietnam Tankers Web Page

    Graduates who attended NCO School at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (1968-1972) are encouraged to contact Jim Fishel. This is for the MOS of 51H (Engineers)

    Books and Articles Relating to NCOC:

    The Shake'n Bake Sergeant


    A Young American Hero


    Grief Denied

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