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Class: 32-68 *
Graduated: 24 July 1968
Company: 75th Company
Graduates: 149
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 4 )

Kessinger, William M.
Urkshus, Joseph C.
Zugay, Theodore E. Jr.

Deceased: ( 1 )

Wallace, Donald R. (2015)

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SP4 Atkinson, Franklin G. Jr. May 2, 1969 Co A 1/16th P26W96
SSGT~ Barnes, Marvin Donald February 28, 1969 Co B 1/503d P31W87
SSGT~ Brinks, Kenneth Lee May 12, 1969 Co C 3/1st P25W62
SGT Ditson, Lyman Richard February 9, 1969 Co A 4/3rd P33W93
SGT Frankowiak, Robert Joseph February 28, 1969 Co B 1/16th P31W91
** SGT Kindle, William Doyle December 28, 1968 Co C 2/28th P35W5
SSGT Main, Charles Reid February 19, 1969 BDE HHC P32W60
SGT Mercke, Terrance Lee December 3, 1968 Co D 2/7th P37W37
SGT Neely, Paul Jameson April 27, 1969 Co D 1/12th P26W66
SGT Poe, James Walker June 1, 1969 Co C 1/52nd P23W39
SGT Ryan, Samuel Franklin May 2, 1969 Co C 2/506th P26W102
SGT Sullivan, Harold February 20, 1969 Co E Recon 4/3d P32W68
SGT Thomas, John Willie February 22, 1969 Co D 2/12th P32W84

~ Posthumous Promotion

NOTE: Family members are looking for men who knew SGT William D. Kindle or anything about the battle of Binh Duong South Viet Nam. Contact Cindy

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