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Class: 39-68
Graduated: 10 September 1968
Company: 85th Company
Graduates: 149
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 12 )

DG Chambers, Larry V. ..... 193rd Inf. Div. 4/10th Ft. Davis, Canal Zone
Crawford, Jon C. ............... 7th Inf. Div. Co C 2/31st, Camp Casey & DMZ Korea
Davis, Phillip ...................... 4th Inf. Div. Co A 1/22nd
Elizondo, Terry G.
Hartman, Robert J. ........... Americal Co B 3/1st
Riehl, Steven G. ................. 199th LIB Co C 4/12th
Tweedy, Gregory B.
HG Vancil, Cecil L.
Voris, James R. .................. 9th Inf. Div. HHC 3/47th, HHC 2nd Bde, 3/39th Mobile Riverine Force
White, James L. ................. 11th ACR (Aero Rifle)
Worthington, Max L. ........ 4th Inf. Div. Co C 3/12th


Brown, Thomas L. "Charlie" ( Died 1976 Motorcycle Accident )

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SSGT Bach, Lyman Conrad June 2, 1969 Co A 1/8th P23W41
SGT Churchwell, Donald Walter September 14, 1969 Co E 4/31st P18W81
SGT Ferguson, Benny Harold July 2, 1969 Troop E 1 Cav P21W44
SGT Forney, Dennis Ray June 20, 1969 Co A 3/7th P22W96
SSGT Garcia, Richard Calude May 3, 1969 Co C 2/28th P26W106
SP4 Queen, Cecil Wayne May 12, 1969 Co A 1/2nd P25W82
SSGT Schoeben, Scott Douglas April 12, 1969 Co B 2/47th P27W67**
SSGT~ Welsh, Larry Don January 7, 1969 Co C 3/22nd P35W53**MIA

~ Posthumous Promotion

**NOTE: Family/Friends are looking for men who knew SSG Scott D. Schoeben. Contact: In Touch, c/o Friends of the Vietnam Memorial, 2030 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 412, Arlington, VA 22201, 703-525-1107

NOTE: Sgt. Dennis Ray Forney arrived in country in December '68 and became a squad leader in the second platoon of Co A 3/7th, 199th Light Infantry Brigade. Although I knew him only for a short time, he was a stand-up guy. He came in as an (instant) NCO but respected the lower-ranking guys in the unit with more time in the bush. He was open to suggestion and willing to learn.

Sadly, we lost him as a result of a small arms wound on January 27, 1969. We were inserted into a hot LZ in the Parrot's Beak area North of Tan An. It was a bad head wound. The firefight and mop up operation lasted over three days, although he was dusted off that afternoon. He finally died of this wound on June 20. We, of course, hoped against hope that he might have made it until we heard the bad news. He was a brave man and we missed him. I'm sure he would have become an excellent leader.

This info was submitted byJerry Lyons.

Note: SSGT Larry Don Welch is listed as MIA. He was declared dead by the DOD on February 11, 1974 but still listed as missing in action.

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Officers, Cadre and Other Graduates from this Class

CO 1LT McCamon, Frederick V. Jr.
XO 2LT Scott, Mark G.
TO 2LT Ford, Charles J.
1SGT Watts, Clifford

Senior TAC NCO SFC Flynn, William J.
TAC NCO SFC Shaw, Melvin F. Jr.
TAC NCO SFC Pelfrey, James A.
TAC NCO SSG LeBeaux, Robert J.
TAC NCO SSG Banks, Ernest L.
TAC NCO SGT Jingles, Bennie P.

DG=Distinguished Graduate
HG=Honor Graduate

DG Chambers, Larry V.
HG Elliott, David H.
HG King, Roger J.
HG Kirk, Jack L.
HG McPhillips, Michael P.
HG Netzer, Verne L.
HG Vancil, Cecil L.


Allen, Arthur N.
Alexion, James H.
Anderson, Charles L.
Baker, Edward A.
Ball, William C.
Bates, Steven K.
Behan, Michael R.
Bess, Michael L.
Bohan, Daniel T.
Brown, Thomas L. Jr.
Brownfield, Harold W.
Byres, James M.
Cameron, Larry D.
Campbell, Bruce E.
Campbell, William L.
Carlson, Dale M.
Cauble, Ronald G.
Childers, Jantzen E.
Christensen, Douglas G.
Clemmer, Gerald D.
Collins, David L.
Collins, Vonzell C.
Cottle, Darrel L.
Craft, Dennis M.
Crawford, Larry E.
Crowley, Jimmy D.
Cunningham, Carl W. Jr.
Danielson, Dennis A.
Deanda, Thomas A.
Diveley, Tommy M.
Dufort, Wayne A.
Dufour, Barry J.
Durazo, Alphonso F.
Elliott, David H.
Fannin, Jimmy L.
Farler, Alex B.
Fassler, Robert L.
Fetcko, Patrick N.
Fitzpatrick, Jimmie L.
Gabbert, Ronald D.
Gayda, Francis P. Jr.
Gee, James R.
Gibson, Raymond N.
Gilbert, John Q.
Gill, Charles R.
Givham, John L.
Golden, James H.
Brugg, Kenneth E.
Gumbel, James H.
Haigh, Tyrone D.
Harvey, John L.
Hasick, Dale T.
Hatton, Humbert
Hatzell, Gary E.
Headley, Earl A. Jr.
Holstein, Wesley F.
Hopper, Robert W.
Hubbard, Michael F.
Hunt, Lee C.
Johnson, Frederick C.
Johnson, Kenneth E.
Jones, Steven H.
Kempter, James A.
King, Roger J.
Kirk, Jack L.
Kirsch, Hanry J.
Kliebenstein, Stanley J.
Koloda, Michael Jr.
Krahl, Gregory E.
Kuffer, Glenn R.
Landeros, Delfino Jr.
Larion, Michael B.
Larson, John E.
Lewis, Charles L.
Lightfoot, Kenneth
Lind, Richard L.
Mallamo, Alfred R.
Mancilla, George H. Jr.
Mason, Charles G.
McDannel, John A.
McMillen Steven L.
McPhillips, Michael P.
Menter Clifford L.
Mika, Donald F.
Moore, James R. V.
Netzer, Verne L.
Newman, Arden L.
Norwood, Richard M.
Ohm, James M.
O'Neil, Daniel G.
Osinski, Bernard W.
Parker, Richard L.
Pate, Richard A.
Peacock, Robert J.
Peet, Roger E.
Peoples, Charles E.
Pfenning, Terrance A.
Phillips, Roland D. E.
Pineda, Daniel D.
Plotecher, James E.
Prendergast, James E.
Principe, Joseph R. Jr.
Quinn, William B.
Radosta, Dominic C.
Rhodes, Michael D.
Richardson, Danny D.
Rilling, Richard D.
Roberts, Donald R.
Sanders, Thomas W.
Saravo, Terry M.
Sessoms, Glenn K.
Shaub, Larry G.
Shuford, Lindsay M.
Skolnick, Stirling
Slocum, Terry J.
Smagowicz, Robert
Stafford Dald E.
Stempin, Paul S.
Stensrud, Wayne C.
Stoughton, David T.
Sturgill, Bobby L.
Swanson, Steven P.
Tebbets, William E.
Thompson, Steven J.
Turner, Ralph Jr.
Vaughan, Patrick T.
Wehman, Dennis F.
West, Donald R.
Wolff, Richard R.
Woolsey, Frank M.
Young, Michael A.

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