Here are some early photos of this web site author, Leonard "Budd" Russell Jr.

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This is my graduation picture from Noncommissioned Officer Candidate School. I was with the 81st Company, Class 1-70 and graduation was on September 30, 1969. My Company won the Tiger Tactics Award during this cycle.

This photo was taken at Ft. McClelland Alabama during my OJT (on the job training) which went from early October to December 1969.

This photo was taken in Vietnam on my birthday, May 5, 1970. I turned 22 that day and my birthday cake was a C-Ration, Pound Cake. The place was on Dong Ha Mountain also known as FSB Fuller. My Company, Delta 1/11th Inf, 5th Inf Div. had fought off a sapper attack a few nights before. I'm holding one of the recovered AK-50s. We were on this FSB for 43 days, during which time we received a barrage of over 400 rounds of 120mm mortars from the North Vietnamese Army 27th Regiment. FSB Fuller was located a few miles South of the DMZ.

This is a recent photo that was taken at Christmas 2006.

This is a photo taken at our first NCOC Reunion in 2000. LTC David Hackworth was our guest speaker.

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