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Class: 12-68
Graduated: 4 March 1968
Company: 70th Company
Graduates: 135
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapons Infantryman

Located: ( 14 )

Aurand, Dennis L.
Besser, Thomas B. .................... Co F 75th Inf "Ranger" ( Lieutenant Colonel retired )
Casas, Felix U.
Durnil, James R.
Foster, Stephen H. .................... Americal Co E Recon, HHC 2/1st 196th LIB
Gibson, Cecil "Jerry" .............. 173rd Abn Co C 3/503d
Kemple, David W. .................... 4th Inf. Div. Co A 2/35th
Patton, Dennis R. ..................... 173d Abn Co D 3/503d
Posey, Garvin A. ....................... 82nd Abn Co B 1/503d
Richardson, James R. .............. 9th Inf. Div. Co B 4/39th
Thompson, Craig E. ................. 173d Abn Co B 2/503d
Watson, Danny ......................... 2nd Inf. Div 3/23rd Korea,
Wigley, John L. ........................ 2nd Inf. Div Co A 1/23rd Korea, OP Dort
Windham, Charles D. Jr. ........ Co H 75th Inf "Ranger"

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SSGT Canavan, Martin Joseph Jr. March 29, 1969 Co A 2/5th P28W78
SGT Dupree, Douglas December 8, 1968 Co C 4/39th P37W62
SGT Kever, Dwayne Elbert August 19, 1968 Troop A 3/4th Cav P48W57
SGT Newman, Gregory Eugene March 23, 1969 Co C 1/46th P28W20
SGT Poling, Jackie Ray July 22, 1968 Co B 2/506th P51W35
SSGT HG Sanazaro, Ernest Jr. June 23, 1968 Co B 2/12th P55W23
SGT Spong, Ernest Allan February 3, 1969 Co C 2/47th P33W52
SSGT~ Turner, Lloyd Kenneth November 17, 1968 Co D 1/505th P38W6

~ Posthumous Promotion

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Officers, Cadre and Other Graduates from this Class



DG=Distinguished Graduate
HG=Honor Graduate

DG Allen, Don R.
HG Dement, Richard L.
HG Kaufman, Randolph L.
HG Mirell, Michael A.
HG Morley, John J.
HG Sanazard, Ernest Jr.
HG Wright, William H.

Names of the men we would like to find.


Adair, Robert D.
Allee, Larry E.
Allen, Don R.
Allen, Louis W.
Arrendell, Jerry W.
Bagley, David A.
Baldwin, Lawrence D.
Bankston, James D.
Bantin Karl F.
Bennett, Dennis R.
Bigsby, David
Blickensderfer, James R.
Brigandi, Joseph
Bucher, Allen P. Jr.
Burns, Ronald J.
Carevich, Gary S.
Carter, Johnny E.
Christy, Larry C.
Clark, Roy L.
Cleveland, Richard L.
Cline, Gregory E.
Colloran, Richard R.
Copas, Randall L.
Cope, Charles H. III
Corneliuson, Chester C.
Crowl, Michael D.
Cummings, Eugene E.
Danielsen, Michael D.
Delgardo, Maria A.
Dement, Richard L.
Dierks, Alan D.
Dimmig, Robert E.
Dunn, Fred Jr.
Durkee, Stephen E.
Dykstra, Donald J>
Ernst, David L.
Falcon, Dale L.
Fehmel, Kenneth E.
Fitts, William J.
Flerlage, Bernard J. Jr.
Garcia, Daniel P.
Glaser, Clark O. Jr.
Glass, Albert W.
Goody, John G.
Griffin, Paul E. Jr.
Grinder, Danny W.
Gunn, Thomas R.
Hasenak, Marvin E.
Hellandbrand, Patrick A. Jr.
Hiffinbotham, Rudy K.
Hutchinson, Tommy F.
Hutto, Paul W.
Inskeep, James F.
Ira, Michael P.
Isum, Randall R.
Jefferson, William M.
Johnson, Herbert
Juarez, Luis Jr.
Kaufman, Randolph L.
Ketner, Robert C.
Kirchner, Tim L.
Kross, Walter T.
Lange, Eugene W.
Lazcano, Pete Jr.
Loehlein, Joseph .
Luna, Sam
Martin, Steve
May, George W.
McClanahan, Rodger D.
McMillian, Lindall R.
Mirell, Michael A.
Morley, John J.
Morrison, Jubert L. Jr.
Murphy, Thomas P.
Needham, Garland L.
Needham, Lawrence D.
Nelson, Earl G.
Newlon, David A.
Noll, Christopher N.
Pecchia, Larry G.
Peterson, John F.
Pond, Randall S.
Potter, Cornelius R.
Pressler, Marshall L.
Purcell, John J.
Rambo, Bonnie O.
Ramos, Robert J.
Reed, Michael D.
Reilly, William F.
Robertson, Jimmy F.
Rock, Eugene B.
Rogers, Donald W. Jr.
Romero, Carlos C.
Rusak, Frank R.
Santa Maria, James F.
Schamelorn, Arvid G.
Schick, Richard T.
Shelton, David J.
Sloan, Bradley R.
Smith, Curtis S.
Smith, Franklin L.
Smith, Gale A.
Sonsel, David A.
Steele, Hodrick
Stevens, Mike D.
Swinney, Stacy L.
Taft, Kenneth D.
Treadway, Joe L.
Varner, William R.
Warchol, George L.
Watkins, Charles R.
Woltmann, Robert R.
Wright, William H.

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