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Class: 15-69
Graduated: 23 January 1969
Company: 86th Company
Graduates: 129
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 11 )

Bruhn, Richard C. .............. 82nd Abn Co A & C 1/508th,9th Inf. Div. Co B 2/47th
Dwyer, Emery E. ................ 9th Inf. Div., 25th Inf. Div. Co C 3/27th
Grazioplene, Roger J. ........ Americal Co B 2/1st 196th LIB
Hadden, James M. Jr. ........ 4th Inf. Div. Co B 1/12th
Higgins, Gary L. ................. 7th Div. Co B 1/32nd Korea
Kozma, Michael J. ............. 9th Inf. Div. 2/39th
Lehmenkuler, John G.
Makruski, Richard R. ........ 4th Inf. Div. Co C 1/12th
Telehany, Joseph P. Jr.
Winchester, Richard J.


Davies, Thomas C. ( August 2008 )
Giberson, Victor H. Jr. ( March 3, 2013 )

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
Tactical NCO..SSGT Flynn, James Gerald May 31, 1969 Co D 2/5th P23W32
SGT Bausch, Barry Ralph May 12, 1969 Co D 2/39th P25W60
SSGT Berry, Charles Ray February 9, 1970 Co B 2/503d P14W117
SGT Bishop, William Buel II October 22, 1969 Co E 4/503d P17W104
SGT Brickle, Donald Lever June 24, 1969 Co A 1/8th P21W6
SGT Forbes, Michael June 23, 1969 Co C 1/502nd P22W118
SSGT~ Gibson, Michael Thurston November 28, 1969 Co C 6/31st P16W130--SS
SGT Shoaps, Kenneth Duane May 23, 1969 Co D 2/506th P24W90
* SGT Suydam, James Lawrence October 10, 1970 Co A 5/12th P 7W124

~ Posthumous Promotion

* Note: Sgt James L. Suydam was killed in a helicopter crash at sea. The Incident happened on October 9, 1969. He was declared dead on October 10, 1970. His body has never been recovered.

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