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Class: 26-70
Graduated: 7 April 1970
Company: 74th Company
Graduates: 158
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 12 )

Aldoupolis, Paul O.
Domeier, Rodney D.
Madore, Jeffrey P. ............. Americal
McNurland, Dennis J. ..... 87th Inf. Co C USARV
Moore, Terry B. ................ 101st Abn Co D 2/501st
Rosby, Gene A. ................. 1st Aviation Bde. 268th CAG
Turner, Michael G. .......... Co L 75th Inf "Ranger"
Villalpando, Gus
Vongonten, Willard D.
Weeks, Waite C.
Westburg, Paul A.
Wetherby, Jay D. ............ 101st Abn Co A 2/506th

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SGT Dragone, James Vincent December 23, 1970 Co E Recon 4/21st P 5W3
SSGT Hansen, Robert Greg August 7, 1970 Co C 1/501st P 8W91
SSGT~ Kiser, Robert Jesse April 3, 1971 Co D 4/503d P 4W103
SGT Kraus, Jean Mason August 5, 1970 Co C 1/52nd P 8W86
SGT McKellips, Randolph Burns February 23, 1971 Co D 1/27th P 5W132
SGT Rushlow, Richard Leonard January 11, 1971 Co A 4/503d P 5W41
SP4 Serven, Paul Elliot March 27, 1971 Co C 1/501st P 4W83

~ Posthumous Promotion

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