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Class: 36-68
Graduated: 20 August 1968
Company: 82nd Company
Graduates: 137
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 17 )

Douvis, Peter A.
Germuga, Thomas ............. 1st Cav Co B 1/5th
Henneman, Dennis D. ....... 173rd Abn. Co D 4/503d
Holland, Eugene A. ........... Americal Co A 1/20th
Hotovec, Michael R.
Kerecz, Louis E.
Kukitz, John O. ................ 4th Inf. Div. Co B 3/12th
Lendrum, Donald J. .......... 25th Inf. Div. Co A 2/14th
McDonald, Stephen A. ...... 199th LIB Co A 5/12th
McRedmond, John A.
HG Peak, Omer E. ............. Americal HHC, Co B 4/3rd, HHC 4/21st
Richmond, Joseph W. Jr.
Royster, James C. ............. Americal Co E 4/3rd,
Sims, Victor X. .................. 173rd Abn. Co A 1/503d
Sisson, Dale W.
Unkow, Otschur

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SSGT Beebe, Larry Charles May 3, 1969 Co A 2/39th P26W105
SGT Gosch, Larry Gene June 6, 1969 Co B 4/23rd P23W86
SSGT~ Lascelles, Don Harrison June 6, 1969 Co A 3/22nd P23W89
SGT Manning, James Holden July 8, 1969 Co A 1/502nd P21W84
SGT Niewahner, Ronald Leo December 13, 1968 Co B 1/5th P36W13
SGT Oreto, Joseph Anthony April 13, 1969 11th Air Cav Reg P27W76
SGT Rideout, David James January 16, 1969 Troop B 3/4th Cav P34W17
SGT Secress, Harlan December 31, 1968 Co A 4/47th P35W13
SGT Zyck, Fred Joseph June 11, 1969 Co E 4/21st P22W29

~ Posthumous Promotion

Note: The sister of Sgt. Ronald L. Niewahner would like to be contacted by anyone who knew her brother. Her name is Gayle Niewahner Starks.

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Officers, Cadre and Other Graduates from this Class

CO 1LT Newberry, Dennis M.
XO 2LT Scurr Kenneth W.
TO 2LT Waller, Ronald A.
1SGT Jones, William W.

Senior TAC NCO SFC LaPlante, Richard A.
TAC NCO SFC Mundy, Hubert C.
TAC NCO SFC Weddley, Edwin L.
TAC NCO SSG McSmith, Larry L.
TAC NCO SSG Payton, William R.
TAC NCO SSG Mylow, Parker T.
TAC NCO SSG Shorter, Henry L.
TAC NCO SSG Head, Isaac

DG=Distinguished Graduate
HG=Honor Graduate

DG Jarrell, Ronald D.
HG Currens, James M.
HG Martin, David Z.
HG Peak, Omer E.
HG Stiles, Herbert D.


Ackerman, Steven M.
Adams, James P.
Alexander, Roy L.
Anderson, Walter A. Jr.
Barnhart, Denny W.
Bauer, Timothy M.
Bellinger, Gary L.
Bem, Roman J. Jr.
Bertges, James T.
Bockstruck, Gary E.
Boney, Clayton S.
Bowen, Joe R.
Brembos, Thomas A.
Brown, Barry W.
Brown, Edward D.
Burnett, Ronald L.
Candos, Frank M.
Capes, Earl A.
Carbaugh, Lynn D.
Chessmore, Michael A.
Churchill, Keith L.
Clement, Tyrone
Coleman, Michael J.
Connely, Charles C. IV
Cornwell, George K. Jr.
Covert, Dexter S.
Currens, James M.
Dellaripa, Frederick C.
Dodson, Bobby F.
Dungan, James R.
Edbert, James
Eddert, Charles R.C.
Ellingson, Carmen W.
Ferguson, Ronnie A.
Ford, Dewey B.
Fox, John R.
Franks, Jerry W.
Frost, James R.
Fuller, Jerry R.
Fullmer, James E.
Gooden, Clifford S. Jr.
Grimes, James V.
Hathaway, Ronald E.
Heering, Richard L.
Hennessy, Eric D.
Hirschberg, Barry E.
Hunter, Michael H.
Jackson, Bobby R.
Jarrell, Ronald D.
Johannemann, Thomas R.
Johnson, Larry E.
Johnson, Lionel A.
Jump, Richard A.
Kinsey, Kenneth B.
Klahn, Wayne R.
Knuckles, Jimmy A.
Lacey, Robert W.
Lane, Larry J.
Lester, George R. J.
Long, Martin L.
Martin, David Z.
Matox, Nelson NMI
McCullough, Thomas P.
McDonald, Bruce T.
McDonald, Gregory P.
Mol, William A.
Monroe, Michey D.
Nightlinger, James L.
Nix, Leonard S.
Nolen, Anthony L.
O'Brien, Michael J.
Ochsner, Ronnie B.
Okeefe, David L.
Orr, William G.
Ostendorf, William E.
Owens, Thomas A.
Palumbo, Robert J.
Peterson, Dale A.
Posivak, Andrew A.
Post, Robert W.
Powierza, James T.
Prince, Donald E.
Reinick, Harold R.
Renz, Curt A.
Rohrbacher, Jamie C.
Rolene, Kenneth B. Jr.
Roll, Gerald L.
Ross, Lanny J.
Russell, Michael C.
Sanchez, Richard
Sarnicki, Ronald W.
Schadt, Paul T. Jr.
Schoonmaker, Garrett N. I.
Scott, Timothy C.
Searcy, Raymond L.
Smith, Alfred L.
Smith, Eugene G.
Smith, Kenneth D.
Smith, Robert NMI III
Smith, Woodrow H.
Sommers, John J.
Sonnabend, Robert E.
Stiles, Herbert D.
Stucky, Tommy D.
Surleta, James S.
Taube, Kenneth M.
Tobias, Richard M.
Toy, Joseph E.
Warner, Thomas P.
Wartman, Ronald R.
West, Peter F
Zipprich, Ralph H.

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