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Class: 48-69
Graduated: 9 September 1969
Company: 80th Company
Graduates: 151
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 10 )

Dolny, Henry J. Jr.
Dopkowski, Ronald M.
Gasper, Edward J. ......... 173rd Abn Co A 1/503d
Hoke, Loy A.
Ibriks, John J.
Karganilla, Alan F. ........ 9th Inf. Div. Co C 2/60th,25th Inf. Div. HHC
Mikesch, Jame J.
Parr, Ronald W.
Szymanel, Edward L.
Wallace, Anthony J. ...... 1st Cav Co B 2/7th

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SSGT~ Bloomer, Donald Hugh April 1, 1970 Co C 2/27th P12W65
SGT Caffey, Michael Alexander August 10, 1970 Co C 1/11th P 8W99
SSGT~ Grieme, Richard Joseph June 20, 1970 Co C 1/5th P 9W72
SSGT~ Huttie, Frederick E. III August 15, 1970 Co D 2/502nd P 8W115
SGT Johnson, Paul Allen August 4, 1970 Troop C 2/17th Cav P 8W82
SSGT~ Layne, Howard Wilson Jr. July 14, 1970 Co C 1/27th P 8W17
SSGT~ Pratt, Carey Jay July 12, 1970 Co D 2/14th P 8W13
SGT Taylor, John Lewis Sr. February 7, 1970 Co E 3/187th P14W113
SSGT~ Vagnone, Michael John April 18, 1970 Co A 2/501st P11W23
SSGT~ West, Charles Robert May 9, 1970 Co B 2/27th P10W10
SSGT~ Yapsuga, Edward F. Jr. March 10, 1970 Co B 4/9th P13W109

~ Posthumous Promotion

NOTE: The sister of Michael Caffey would like to hear from men who knew her brother. Contact: Cyndi Because she screens her e-mail, be sure to write Michael Caffey on the subject line.

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