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Class: 9-69
Graduated: 26 November 1968
Company: 82nd Company
Graduates: 134
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 15 )

Barrier, Roger D.
Berger, John R. ................. 25th Inf. Div. Co. A 2/12th
Brazier, Robert C. ............. 25th Inf. Div. Co B 2/14th
Breedlove, Michael D. ....... 25th Inf. Div. Co. B 2/12th
Brinton, William H. .......... 9th Inf. Div. 4/47th
Burnetta, Gregory L. ......... 101st Abn. Co B 3/187th
Carolina, Joseph P. ............ 101st Abn. Co A 1/502nd
Hess, Donald D. .................. 9th Inf. Div. 6/31st
Kotlus, Howard M.
Ludlow, Mark M. ............... 173rd Abn Co C 4/503d
Sayles, David A.
Talada, William A. ............. 25th Inf. Div. Co B 2/14th
Weinsheimer, Louis G.
White, John B.
Ziegler, A. Leon ................. 1st Cav. Co E 2/5th

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SGT Chapa, Lorenzo Jr. October 26, 1969 Co A 2/502nd P17W120
SSGT~ Christie, Donald June 13, 1969 Co B 1/502nd P22W39
1LT Cowan, Danny Allen October 22, 1971 Troop A 2/17th Air Cav P 2W47
SGT * Custode, Ralph October 18, 1969 Co B 1/18th P17W87
SSGT~ Czerwiec, Raymond George March 27, 1969 Co A 3/12th P28W59**MIA
SSGT Hand, Larry Edward February 20, 1970 Co A 2/1st P13W35
SP4 Korel, Emery Louis June 28, 1969 Co B 2/2nd P21W28
SSGT~ Lowe, Walter Bedford Jr. September 16, 1969 Co D 1/503d P18W95
SGT Moran, Vincent March 28, 1969 Co B 2/27th P28W72
SSGT Tegtmeier, Lavern William November 6, 1969 Co A 1/12th P16W113

~ Posthumous Promotion

* Note: Sergeant Ralph Custode contacted Meningitis while in Vietnam and died at a hospial in Okinawa Japan. His parents were sent to Japan to visit with him before he died.

Note: SSGT Raymond G. Czerwiec was declared dead on 28 April 1976 by the DOD but is still listed as Missing in Action.

This is a photo of Sgt. Ralph Custode (left) and squad member George Moriarty (right) in the jungle.(photo curtesy of George Moriarty)
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Officers, Cadre and Other Graduates from this Class

CO Capt. Malone, Clyde B.
XO 2LT Waller, Ronald A.
TO 2LT Wood, Rodger L.
1SGT SFC Laplante, Richard A.

Senior TAC NCO PSG Sizemore, Charles G.
TAC NCO SSG Payton, William R.
TAC NCO SSG Shorter, Henry L.
TAC NCO SSG Head, Isaac
TAC NCO SSG Currens, James M. ( Honor Graduated from Class 36-68 B )

DG=Distinguished Graduate
HG=Honor Graduate



Adams, John G.
Adams, Virgle L.
Anderson, Larry C.
Bain, Howard L.
Barnes, Talmadge R.
Barrett, James R.
Bateman, Thomas H.
Bers, Daniel J.
Bollig, Robert J. Jr.
Bonds, Gordon L.
Borowicz, John M.
Branch, Larry W.
Bullard, Donald G. Jr.
Campbell, John R.
Carozzolo, David L.
Carraway, Bryant D.
Carskadon, David P.
Carter, Nicholas D.
Casica, Thomas R.
Cerame, Richard A.
Chattin, Frederick E.
Colding, Tommy S.
Collier, Roy C.
Collier, William H.
Compton, Gregory W.
Crenshaw, Harry E.
Daniel, James A.
Debickes, John W.
Dell, Richard K.
Doyle David A.
Duffy, Richard R.
Dyment, William F.
Ernst, Dennis A.
Esposito, Albert J. Jr.
Evan, Gabriel J.
Fairbanks, Arden C.
Falany, Robert D.
Fenlon, John P.
Finiki, James D.
Fuller, Francis E.
Fuller, William B.
Glynn, Patrick E.
Graham, Bobby L.
Green, Stanley R.
Gumphrey, Robert C. Jr.
Haines, Wayne F.
Hammer, Clarence L.
Hardgrave, Robert L.
Hardy, Dale K.
Haynes, Chester R. Jr.
Henley, Gordon B. Jr.
Hertzog, Richard C.
Hodnett, Lonnie R.
Hoffner, Carl W.
Hort, Wayne E.
Howell, George R.
Hulshoff, David R.
Hunt, Charles N.
Inman, George
Jarrell, William G.
Johnson, Larry W.
Jourdain, Ronald L.
Kenney, John E.
Kester, Dennis R.
King, Melvin J.
Kreder, Alvin R. Jr.
Kruse, Merlyn R.
Kubalek, Richard W.
Labonte, Michael W.
Lachman, John P. Jr.
Lambert, Thomas L.
Landrum, James E.
Lawinger, John F.
Lester, James R.
Lewis, Larry D.
Link, James W.
Lowder, Charles M.
Lundquist, Roy W. Jr.
Lutton, Joseph D.
Martin, William L.
Massie, Patrick W.
McMaster, James F.
Meadows, Teddy
Mincy, Edgar A.
Moon, John T.
Morales-Delgardo, J.R.
Morey, Randall E.
Morgan, Charles R.
Morrissey, Richard A.
Mindy, Alfred Jr.
Nil, Michael L.
Oberg, Lawrence E.
Osborn, Lloyd E.
Parker, Melvin D.
Parker, Michael L.
Parten, Steven R.
Patrick, Harold D.
Pearson, Jerry E.
Pearson, Tommy G.
Pegram, Allen L.
Perry, O. T.
Peters, Maurice W.
Pettus, Euless R. Jr.
Pitts, Clarence E.
Powell, David L.
Powell, Keith A.
Reddell, Ronnie L.
Renn, Earl A. Jr.
Riney, Charles K.
Ripple, Robert W.
Rock, Robert R.
Sanning, James E.
Schlengeg, Richard J.
Sheppard, Walter C.
Shipes, John A.
Shreck, James R.
Shuhart, Charles L.
Smith, Sherry L.
Sorensen, Alfred J.
Sorensen, Douglas C.
Spiegler, Robert J.
Stanfield, David T.
Stenico, Richard C.
Stewart, James H.
Stokes, Odle W.
Taggart, Daniel H.
Thompson, John S.
Thornton, Dale L.
Titila, Richard S.
Tracy, Chester L.
Tuggle, Grover C. Jr.
Vandenbosch, David L.
Vega, Juan E.
Venditti, Vincent J.
Warbach, Larry R.
Warner, Jerry J.
Watrous, Bernard F.
Whitaker, Rayond Jr.
Widner, Richard L.
Williams, James T.
Wilson Barry H. Jr.
Wilson, Behring R.
Wilt, Donald E.
Wittkpf, Martin L.
Wojcik, Robert C.
Wolf, Gary W.
Woltere, James W.
Wolverton, Barry L.
Wood, Lendon K. Jr.
Wood, Michael S.
Wullenweber, Gerald K.
Zienkiewicz, Thomas E.

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