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Class: 30-68 *
Graduated: 10 July 1968
Company: 73rd Company
Graduates: 151
Location: Harmony Church
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 6 )

Ancheta, Peter J.
Bates, Lawrence C. ........ 1st Cav. Co C 2/8th
Fish, Richard A. ............. 9th Inf. Div. Co C 6/31st
Maslowski, Samuel W.
McClintock, Donald ......
2nd Inf 2/23rd
Mowry, Dale R.

Commanding Officer:

Holtzman, Steven A. .......... 1st Cav. Co A 1/5th

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SGT Beaumont, Robert Eugene February 4, 1969 Co C 3/1st P33W53
SGT Callaway, Lewis Andrew III January 28, 1969 Co B 5/46th P33W7
SGT Dunn, Michael Roy March 25, 1969 Co ? 2/3rd P28W34
SGT Hayes, Robert Gary January 10, 1969 Co D 4/12th P35W65
SGT Hoover, Thomas Eugene April 7, 1969 Co C 1/5th P27W31
SGT Hubert, Steven James April 5, 1969 Co D 1/22nd P27W18
PFC McPhee, Douglas Wayne June 17, 1969 Co B 2/502nd P22W67
SGT Minotti, Anthony John May 15, 1969 HHC 1/8th P24W18
PFC Moree, Barry Russell September 6, 1968 Co E 4/3rd P45W55
SGT Nelson, Melvin Douglas December 10, 1968 Co D 3/47th P37W83
SGT O'Connor, Dennis Kenneth November 1, 1968 Co B 3/60th P39W3
SGT Piscitello, Salvatore John November 27, 1968 Co D 4/9th P38W79
SGT Prete, Robert Nicholas April 3, 1969 101st Abn.... P27W7
SGT Schmid, Jay Julius December 7, 1968 Co D 2/27th P37W59

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